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Do I Need a Visa for the UK to Start a Business in England, Wales, Scotland or Ireland?
British Citizens, those with Right of Abode or settled in the UK and nationals of European Economic Area countries are permitted to live and work freely in the UK. All others can apply to enter the UK to work or set up in business. Nationals of certain countries, known as visa nationals, require a visa or prior entry clearance to enter the UK for any reason. Others require prior entry clearance, depending on the reason for coming to the UK. Entry clearance must be applied for at the British Embassy, High Commission or other British Diplomatic Mission which issues visas in the country where the applicant is normally and legally resident. Where there is no such post the applicant must apply to the appropriate designated post outside the country or territory where they are living. An applicant for entry clearance must be outside the United Kingdom and Islands at the time of the application. 

Work Permits: 
A UK Work Permit is a document issued by Work Permits (UK) of the Home Office Immigration and Nationality Directorate. It gives an employer permission to employ you in a specific job at a specific location. A Work Permit is authority to take employment, but does not grant leave to enter the UK. A Work Permit holder must apply to an immigration officer for leave to enter at a UK port of arrival. A visa national must apply for a visa before travelling to the UK. 

Any non-EEA national subject to immigration control who wishes to come to the UK to work must, with limited exceptions, have a Work Permit. The length of time taken to process a Work Permit application depends on the nature of the application but, as a general rule, employers should allow at least six to eight weeks. Work Permit applications should be made by the UK employer and a permit obtained before the overseas national concerned arrives in the UK. If a person arrives in the UK without a Work Permit, they will normally be refused entry.

For more information about immigration and prevention of illegal working please visit the Home Office website or click on this link (opens a new page):